Crystal Coast Moving & Storage, Inc. Serving the Palm Beaches

Moving & Storage, Inc.


Locally Owned & Operated by the Harvey Family

Since 1983

Florida Licensed & Insured

Crystal Coast Moving & Storage West Palm Beach

Warehouse Storage Long & Short Term

Crystal Coast Moving & Storage, Inc. provides warehousing for residential and commercial customers. We provide designer delivery service for some of our commercial customers. We will also pick up deliveries and store them for our residential customers until they are ready for final delivery.

Some of our customers had to move out of one residence before the other home was available to move into. Instead of transporting their belongings to another storage facility and then contacting us again for final delivery we can save them money and time by storing their belongings in our warehouse storage facility.

8305 Garden Road, Unit C, Riviera Beach, Florida 33404

Crystal Coast Moving & Storage, Inc, can store your belongings long-term or short-term, from a few items tor your complete home furnishings.

West Palm Beach Warehouse Storage Long & Short Term
  • We Can Accept Direct Deliveries and Perform Inspections
  • Deliver Directly from Warehouse to Your Location
  • Short or Long-Term Storage Available
  • Store Single Items
  • Store Complete Home Furnishings
  • Pack and Crate Delivered Items and Ship to Your Location
  • Secure Facility
  • Save Money by Using Us to Store and deliver Items to You


Benefits of Crystal Coast Moving and Storage Inc's Storage Facility

7880 Central Industrial Dr West Palm Beach, FL 33404

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